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Re: static IP

Hi Andrew,
What you say here:

> I'm guessing you're looking at a configuration problem in your
> modem/router *or* your router recognises that the request to 85.... is
> coming from inside the LAN and so it serves up the config page for the
> router instead of forwarding to the linux server. Try it from outside
> your LAN -- use a friends machine or a library machine or get yourself
> a free shell account somewhere and use links from that.

May be true.
I read something similar in the internet.
Is a security risk that I give my IP here, or better I can email it to
someone of you?
Is someone on line now?
I have gaim opened, and have accounts in jabber, and msn. So maybe you
or some other may add me and we can talk if you can visit and if you
encounter the router page or what?
My msn is : acero_64@yahoo.com
and in jabber: jordi_rc@jabber.org

So long,


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