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Re: static IP

On Tue, Feb 27, 2007 at 09:15:36AM -0800, Jordi wrote:
> Hi Andrew,
> What you say here:
> > I'm guessing you're looking at a configuration problem in your
> > modem/router *or* your router recognises that the request to 85.... is
> > coming from inside the LAN and so it serves up the config page for the
> > router instead of forwarding to the linux server. Try it from outside
> > your LAN -- use a friends machine or a library machine or get yourself
> > a free shell account somewhere and use links from that.
> May be true.
> I read something similar in the internet.
> Is a security risk that I give my IP here, or better I can email it to
> someone of you?
> Is someone on line now?
> I have gaim opened, and have accounts in jabber, and msn. So maybe you
> or some other may add me and we can talk if you can visit and if you
> encounter the router page or what?
> My msn is : acero_64@yahoo.com
> and in jabber: jordi_rc@jabber.org

sorry, I don't IM, but if you email me off list I will take a stab at
it for you. 


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