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Re: OT: sponge burning!

Ron Johnson wrote:

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> On 02/25/07 14:04, cothrige wrote:
>> * Ron Johnson (ron.l.johnson@cox.net) wrote:
>>> Anyway, voluntary abortion is legal in most countries, including the
>>> USA, so voluntary abortion does not meet the statutory definition of
>>> "murder".
>> I am obviously inserting myself into another person's conversation,
>> and for that I apologize, but having read this I feel compelled to
>> comment.  According to this distinction above there were no Jews
>> murdered in Germany during the Nazi period.  I can't think this would
> You're skating really close to Godwin territory.

Godwin's Law is a constant, not an invokable principle.

>> be a very viable definition for 'murder.'
> I was just having this discussion the other day.  Legal killing is
> *not* murder.

Depends on prospective.  From a Judeo-christian Biblical prospective, it
doesn't matter whether or not it's legal, it's still murder.  Though where
this philosophy breaks down is whether you consider life beginning at birth
like the law does or at conception like the biology does.

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