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Re: OT: sponge burning!

Ron Johnson wrote:

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> On 02/25/07 12:25, Paul Johnson wrote:
>> Michael Pobega wrote:
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>> His policing policies are more Soviet Russia than United States of
>> America. Not sure that really makes up for the fact that if you're poor
>> or homeless in New York City under Gullianni or Bloomberg, you don't get
>> help, you disappear.
> You live across the continent from NYC.  Have you ever been to Times
> Square?  I visited while on a business trip in the late 90s, an it
> was very nice.  Nothing like /Taxi Driver/.

Yes, I have.  Nice city.  Wouldn't mind living there if it weren't so bloody
expensive.  Sales tax just adds insult to injury in that department, too.

> If reverse-coddling[0] of bums, crazies and turnstile jumpers what
> it takes to clean up a big city, then I'm all for it.
> [0] Note that reverse-coddling does *not* include bludgeoning and
> sodomizing people with nightsticks.

Therein lies the rub.  I don't mind someone trying to keep New York a safe
place, but I'm not quite sure abusing the accused is a good method.

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