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Re: Woody on 486 problem

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On 02/16/07 18:13, Greg Folkert wrote:
> On Fri, 2007-02-16 at 16:21 -0600, Ron Johnson wrote:
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>> On 02/16/07 15:55, Mike McCarty wrote:
>>> Ron Johnson wrote:
>>>> On 02/16/07 14:45, Mike McCarty wrote:
>>>>>> Why not install Linux and dosemu?
>>>>> On a machine with 16MB? It fills a need I have as is.
>>>> It would let you run multiple DOS sessions.
>>> I repeat: It fills a need I have as is. I'd need to
>> You are sooooo non-geeky.
>>> put more disc on it, for one thing.
>>>> OS/2 is also a *definite* option.
>>> Ditto above.
>> Really?  I recall installing OS/2 3.0 on a 540MB HDD.
> Wow, I remember IBM giving away free upgrades OS/2 v2.0 to previous
> large customers of v1.X as it was so horrible to get running and
> configured properly. I know this very well.
> A big shipping firm I worked for actually ran OS/2 on the HUB machines
> that downloaded and updated the tablets the drivers used when delivering
> packages. Once you got it running and didn't change anything it ran
> fantastically. Problem was, the embedded OS on the tablets had to be

Warp 3.0 was a really great desktop OS.

> updated so often that many (tablets) would become useless during the
> re-flashing process.
> It was chased down to OS/2 v1.x (at the time) had horrible handling of
> multiple interrupts on "I/O devices" at the same time. In other words,
> If the Token Ring card or Parallel Port and the "proprietary tablet
> port" all had something to do at the same time, there was a pretty good
> chance the "non-interrupt-able" flashing process would choked. It also
> came down to the early 386+387 deployment from Intel SUCKED.

Would the poor IRQ design inherited from the PC also be responsible?

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