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Re: Woody on 486 problem

Ron Johnson wrote:
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On 02/15/07 19:31, Mike McCarty wrote:

Mirko Scurk wrote:


Add some RAM, getting at least 32MB and preferable 64MB.
I have successfully run Knoppix (Debian based) on a
machine with 32MB, but it isn't nice.

Even better, perhaps, would be DSL, which I have run on a
486 class machine with only 16MB of RAM.

NB: Text only mode, no GUI.

I was just *waiting* for someone to open the door and let us
greybeards play "remember when"!!!

Remember when? I have a machine which I use on a regular
basis which runs MSDOS just fine. I use it on that same
486 with 16MB of RAM, of which MSDOS actually only uses
1MB. Who needs to remember when? I can remember now!

If you want to remember when, I developed serious software
on a machine with 64 KB (yes, KILO bytes) of RAM+ROM total,
and thought I was in heaven to have so much memory. That
was a dual-disc machine: two 8 inch floppies of 512 KB each,
no hard drive.

I created a multi-tasking RTOS running 16 apps at the same
time for a security monitoring system on that machine. The
processor was an Intel 8085.

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