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Re: Woody on 486 problem

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On 02/15/07 22:20, Mike McCarty wrote:
> Ron Johnson wrote:
>>> Eh? With MSDOS? No gooey stuff in there!
>> Well, there was GEM, plus TUIs like DesqView.
> I wasn't claiming that no GUIs existed, just that I don't
> use any. I used DesqView briefly, just for fun. But never
> on that machine.

Ah, misunderstanding.

>> But you can't be using it just for MS-DOS; what's the point of
>> having 16MB RAM if all yo do is run non-extended DOS?
> I have 16MB of RAM because that's the minimum configuration
> for that machine when I bought it. And, actually, I have
> used some of the extended RAM on occasion, with a disassembler
> (Sourcer) I used to run. I haven't run that in a long time,
> though.

Why not install Linux and dosemu?

> [snip]
>>> You sure that isn't 360KB? The 5 1/4 floppies used in those days
>>> were multiples of 90KB. SSSD was 90KB, SSDD was 180KB, and
>>> DSDD was 360KB.
>> Nope.  That was the IBM PC format.
> Ok.
>> The same DSDD minifloppy formatted on a KayPro would hold 380KB.
>> You should remember that all the CPM machines had their own special
>> formats.
> I dunno about "special". They were just CP/M format. I never bothered
> with learning how to use the USERx stuff on those discs. I always
> just used USER0 area.

Not true.  Each had it's own format.  A few companies did a good
business selling programs to format and copy (soft sector) 5.25"
floppies on and for all the myriad of CP/M machines around in the
early 80s.

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