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Re: Writer Processor (was Re: Ubuntu vs. Debian ...)

Ron Johnson wrote:
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On 02/11/07 14:03, Joe Hart wrote:
Hal Vaughan wrote:
I am a writer, and I used Word to write my books. Personally I don't like OO Writer. It, just like MS Word is overblown. I still haven't found the Perfect Word Processor, but now at least

What do you need in a WP?  Academic features (formal citations,
embedded graphics, TOC, index, etc), movie/theater formating,
something I haven't thought of?

I guess what I'm asking is, "Why can't you use a full-featured
*text* editor?"  gvim or gedit, maybe, with a postprocessing tool to
reformat output to typewriter (double-spaced, with 1 inch margins &
headers) format?

Such editors are definitely light-weight and ASCII files are small
and totally portable.

I can get the source code to one that I think is good, and if I can understand the code, I might even be able to make it my Perfect Word (Pun intended).

Only greybeards will understand that pun.

Actually, my work is plain fiction, and the only features I need are basic editing, but the feature that I used the most was using headers to mark places and using the outline view to quickly locate different sections. I am getting older (I remember having to learn WP 5.1 at school) and my memory isn't what it used to be. I find myself having to look back to ensure that I keep names consistent. Can't very well have Kathy do something then have Karmen say later that she did it. It would probably help to keep index cards, but I am far to lazy. My best writing comes off the cuff.

Honestly, Kword is good enough. The biggest problem that I have is that I am in the Netherlands and write in English. I can't find a publisher here that wants to print books in English and my Dutch isn't good enough to translate.

I thought I could use the net and find a publisher in the U.S. but that's not how it works. Most publishers wont touch writers who don't have an agent and agents wont touch writers that haven't published.


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