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Re: Fonts problem on Debian Etch

First of all thanks to you all for your time and help. I really
appreciate it.

> The other piece of the puzzle is what graphics hardware do
> you have and what driver are you using?  I have nVidia
> hardware and static image quality is the same between the
> free nv driver and the non-free nVidia driver (but nVidia
> driver gives hardware decoding for watching movies).

I've BFG's GeForce(nvidia) 7800GS OC 256MB AGP card. when i use
debian etch's "nv" driver with 1680x1050@60Hz(native for my
monitor) everything on Gnome and Gnome Login Window is blurry.
So i had to install nvidia's driver(from nvidia's website) and
then Gnome visual improves(not 100%) but Gnome Loggin Window is
worse as before.

> Under the "Monitor" section of the file /etc/X11/xorg.conf,
> add the following line.
>    VertRefresh 60

Okay i did that rebooted and still vertical refresh rate wont go
beyond 57Hz. Is there any other way to increase the v refresh
rate? I also tried to increase the v sync rate through nvidia's
"nvidia-settings" tool but couldn't as that particular option was

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