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Re: Fonts problem on Debian Etch

First of all a little bit of development. I changed the vertical
refresh rate(on Gnome) from 50 to 57 Hz. And what you know now
it is a lot better but not 100%. Now i'm using 1680x1050
resolution but LG's recommended resolution is 60 Hz. Is it
possible to change vertical refresh rate to 60Hz system wide?

> When you configured Xorg did you tell it to do sub-pixel
> rendering on your LCD screen?  I've never used an LCD so
> don't know what this looks like).

actually i don't know how i answered that(sorry i'm a newbie)

> What is the native resolution of the screen itself and what
> is the resolution you're trying to use in Xorg?

My monitor's native resolution is 1680x1050 and i'm using that.

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