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Re: pppoe configuration - unable to ping outside

ISP (Threw my telephone line) ---> Connected to ADSL ROUTER (Connected
with a splitter +phone line, ethernet port to linux machine) --->
[Debian machine with eth0 and eth1]

eth0 Connected to my adsl router(on which pppoe is not configured cause
I want to use my os for this pppoe)
eth1 is for LAN machines.

Want to use Debain as a Gateway Server for local  machines.

Thank You!
anugunj "anuj"

On Thu, 2006-12-28 at 07:26 -0600, John Hasler wrote:
> richard writes:
> > ISP -->GPRSmodem--> usb -- Eth1 --> router --> home lan
> >                   '---computer---'
> What's the router for?
> > The issue is I think my imperfect understanding of routing, particularly
> > how to achieve a different default route for inward and outward traffic.
> You neither need nor want a default route for LAN traffic.
> -- 
> John Hasler

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