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pppoe configuration - unable to ping outside

This is my first mail to to users list.
Recently I installed Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 (`sarge')

I have eth0 connected to my adsl router and eth1 to my local network.
I configured my adsl with pppoeconf, logs shows me I am connected, and
ifconfig gives me ppp0 address too.
route -n gives me ip address of my router (that is correct =, my eth0 has ip and eth1 has
I can ping router/ local machines , but can not ping outside,
my /etc/resolv.conf is updated and I tried given nameserver from my isp
as well as automatically detected dns. 

Same configuration is working smoothly on Redhat/Fedora, but I am facing
problems on debian. I can use redhat/fedora but so far I found debian
much better (used it before), don't want to stick with redhat/fedora.


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