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Why I left Debian


I really do not want to start any flame here but after all, as I used Debian 
for few months, I find honest to say why I'm leaving it.

So few months ago, I installed etch on my laptop (previously had Fedora-5 on 
it) just to try it and because I think is good and important to try other 
distros when you have some free partition / computer and time to do it.

Hereafter main problems encountered (some recurrent) these last months :

- as I installed etch around 50% of shutdowns never complete. So common that I 
was used to unplug battery simply to shutdown. Same for 'logout session' 
which allways freeze the laptop with a new login attempt.

- recently I had to 'pinning' apt-get (or dpkg..do not remember..) on previous 
version because latest version continuously break apt-get repository. Only 
cost few hours of googling to find a solution.

- 'kde su root' reject root password (...which was accepted in a 'su root' in 
a console)

- flgrx / mesa / libGL often block apt-get update/upgrade seems because of a 
dependency about libGL. Difficult to install a 3D system but even more 
difficult to keep it stable that I decide to forget 3D when using etch on my 

- others..sorry only remember hours of googling to find solutions..

Once again I do not want to start any flame here : indeed Debian is a superb 
distro (packaging system is really superb) but, IMHO, dedicated to 'Linux 
techies' ?
However my conclusion is this week-end I'll move back to Fedora (even if yum 
is so far behind dpkg).


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