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Re: Why I left Debian

On Sat, Oct 28, 2006 at 03:09:14PM +0200, Bruno wrote:
> Hello,
> I really do not want to start any flame here but after all, as I used Debian 
> for few months, I find honest to say why I'm leaving it.
> So few months ago, I installed etch on my laptop (previously had Fedora-5 on 
> it) just to try it and because I think is good and important to try other 
> distros when you have some free partition / computer and time to do it.
> Hereafter main problems encountered (some recurrent) these last months :
(I'll summarize as instability).

So let me understand.  You're comparing stable Fedora-5 to an early
testing Etch Debian?

I'm assuming you tried Etch because your hardware was too new to install
Sarge (the current stable).  It is frustrating to have new hardware and
no stable distro to install on it.  Fortunatly, I find myself in that
predicament only every 10 years or so :)

I would suggest you keep that partition free and as time permits try
Etch again.  In the interim, I hope your current distro continues to be


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