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Re: Why I left Debian

On Sat, 2006-10-28 at 15:09 +0200, Bruno wrote:

> However my conclusion is this week-end I'll move back to Fedora (even if yum 
> is so far behind dpkg).
> Bye,
> Bruno

Fedora is an *experimental* operating system, etch is a *beta*. Neither
one should be used in any kind of production setting, production being
defined as you need all features and packages working all of the time.

However, its your laptop :) You need it to work and I'd imagine want to
be on familiar ground. 

If you want to tinker, check out www.backports.org , and sit down for an
evening to install Sarge and then pick and choose what you need. Again,
if you enjoy breaking stuff, then fixing it .. its a fun thing to do and
really gets you indoctrinated to how Debian works.

I manage over 2000 production servers scattered across a dozen countries
(about 12 clusters + some isolated farms), and I'm advising - Debian is
worth the initial hassles. Most of my servers are an Admin's worst
nightmare - shared web hosting... I insist on Debian.

Yum in and of itself is fine .. it does its job rather well, provided
the packagers do theirs :) Debian *really* puts effort into package
consistency. Fedora just releases too often to do this.. its just too
much work to try to keep up on broken packages. Its not a knock against
Fedora, more of a reality check on what you can expect.

If you really need your laptop working, give CentOS a whirl before you
go back to Fedora on anything important.

I *like* Fedora because so much of an effort is going into it and it
does break quite a bit of ground.. but realize the nature of the beast
you are working with :) Sounds like your headed out of the pot and back
into the frying pan.. 


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