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Re: Recent spam increase

Andrew Sackville-West wrote:
> fetchmail -> exim -> procmail -> IMAP storage -> dovecot -> MUA (tbird
> or mutt depending...)

> procmail clearly handles IMAP just fine, all you have to do is put a /
> at the end of the location to store the mail and it handles it as IMAP.

    You mean Maildir?  IMAP and Maildir are not the same thing.  IMAP is a
protocol to access a mailstore, Maildir is a format in which a Mailstore can
be stored in.  Just because procmail can drop into whatever Mailstore format
your IMAP client happens to use doesn't mean it's "talking IMAP".  "Talking
IMAP" means it is using the protocol to access the Mailstore.

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