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Re: Recent spam increase

Andrew Sackville-West wrote:
Vincent Lefevre wrote:
However procmail is no longer
developed and is too old to support IMAP.

I'm confused by this as I'm reading the list right now using t-bird from
my store connected to IMAP folders on my server at home and its setup
like this:

fetchmail -> exim -> procmail -> IMAP storage -> dovecot -> MUA (tbird
or mutt depending...)

procmail clearly handles IMAP just fine, all you have to do is put a /
at the end of the location to store the mail and it handles it as IMAP.
leave the / off and does mbox. Am I missing something here in this
discussion? (that's a real question, BTW, not sarcasm).
Yup - you're missing something. Procmail has nothing to do with IMAP, all it's doing is local delivery of mail to local disk.

A more accurate diagram is:

fetchmail -> exim -> procmail -> MAIL storage -> dovecot -> MUA (tbird
or mutt depending...)

- exim calls procmail as its local delivery agent
- procmail processes each message handed to it, then dumps it into a mail folder (i.e. a file)
- it's dovecot that deals with IMAP, which is the protocol that your MUA uses to talk to it


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