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Re: Weird Apache problem, hanging on particular data patterns

I already did. Nothing weird in dmesg. I also checked the filesystems
thoroughly. Read what I said. :)

On 10/24/06, Matus UHLAR - fantomas <uhlar@fantomas.sk> wrote:
On 23.10.06 10:00, Timothy Timmons wrote:
> Certain files, with seemingly no obvious correlation lock shortly
> after the transfer starts, usually within the first few k. I can move
> the file to a different drive/partition, rename it, and it doesn't
> matter. I can take a different file and it works just fine.
> I split one of the files that hangs up into 1k chunks and tried
> downloading each seperately. Only the second 1k chunk froze.
> The same thing seems to happen with some other programs, IRC DCC
> transfers for example.
> However, it works just FINE with VSFTPD or SCP/SFTP.
> I'm thinking some change in some library that Apache and some other
> programs use has some bug, but I am no expert here. I can send the 1k
> chunk(s) it is hanging on if this will help.
> This is REALLY weirding me out and everyone I know...
> Thanks in advance for any help!
> PS. A little more info: I've only found two files where I see this
> behavior. One hangs at exactly 1,130bytes, the other at 16,184,800
> bytes. I don't have the problem when I transfer from localhost. It
> doesn't seem to be any sort of LAN issue though. I'm getting the
> throughput I should, and no errors are showing up in ifconfig or on the
> switch it's plugged into.

check 'dmesg' if the files aren't on broken part of your disk
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