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Re: Email programs that work.

On Mon, Aug 28, 2006 at 10:13:39PM +0300, Micha Feigin wrote:
> But I have messages separated into about a dozen folders (I know of people who
> use more). I want to know which one has new mail, I want to read the mail in
> the important folders before mailing lists, usually I want to know if I have
> important mail now and clean up mailing lists at the end of the day, etc. All
> these work much better with a folders pane.

In mutt, 'y' gives me a list of folders and a message count per folder.
The list is defined by the "mailboxes" parameter.  When I hit 'c' I am
prompted with a default that is the first folder in the "mailboxes" list
with new mail.  This lets me address the "important" folders first.
This even works across multiple IMAP accounts.  In addition to
mailboxes, I have the following set to enable this behavior:

set spoolfile="imaps://server1.com/inbox"
set folder="imaps://server1.com/INBOX."
# imap settings
set imap_user="user1"
set timeout=15
set mail_check=60
# Priority: inbox on server1, inbox on server2, Debian folder on server1, ...
mailboxes ! imaps://user2@server2.com/inbox =Debian =Misc
alternates user1@server1.com user2@server2.com
# Default on sid, not sarge
macro index,pager y "<change-folder>?<toggle-mailboxes>" "show incoming mailboxes list"

I usually just hit 'c' and enter, and I'm in the 'right' folder much
more quickly than choosing it from a folder list.  If I do want the
folder list, it is only a keypress away.
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