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Re: Email programs that work.

s. keeling wrote:
> mutt "lacking"?!?  And you accuse Michelle of being a troll?!?  You're
> an idiot.  HTH.  Twit.

    Ah, yes, the rational response.  Sorry, Mutt does lack.

    It lacks the ability to use the SMTP interface to send mail, being
restricted to the command line to get the job done.

    It lacks filtering.

    It lacks a decent IMAP implementation.  Hint, IMAP is not a glorified POP.

    It lacks a decent multi-account implementation.  Having to configure every
single item by hand without the concept of account inheritance is a nightmare.

    You may not *agree* with Matej (or me) but that doesn't change the fact
that people have the opinion, rightly so, that Mutt is lacking.

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