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Re: Social Contract

On Fri, 28 Apr 2006 13:53:17 -0500
Mike McCarty wrote:
> I claimed that you did not have a license, and  you state that you did
> not. You used your employer's license, which, if you were doing work
> for your employer, is quite proper. If you were doing your own work,
> then you probably used it unlicensed. (I don't know the terms of
> the license, so I can't speak with certainty.)
> Here is an exact quote of where you state you did not have a license:
> > No, I used the licence of my employer (on the computer of my
>  > employer); after I went to a new employer, I couldn't use it any
>  > more.

Since you're so certain of this point, it should be trivial for you
to show me the portion of the EULA in question which specifically
indicates that even if the software is being used on the machine
where it was originally installed, the software can only be used
on official business projects of the business which has purchased
the software.

I *eagerly* await this.


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