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Re: distributions: UBUNTU vs DEBIAN

Monique Y. Mudama wrote:
> Well, debian is pretty obvious about its purpose.  It's a link right
> from the front page.  Maybe people should be choosing other distros if
> they don't like bullet item number one of the social contract.  Debian
> without the social contract would be just another distro.  In other
> words, there would be no point to using debian without the contract.

    Funny, the #1 point for most people is apt, not the social contract.  #1
for *you* maybe.

>>     And if more people are won over and stay here and start
>>     demanding for the same from those developers stuff gets done.
>>     1% ain't gonna cut it.  And  a subset of 1% certainly ain't
>>     gonna cut it.

> I don't even understand this paragraph.

    1% = total Linux install.
    Subset of 1% = Debian's cut of the above.

    IE, if Debian users have some dillusions of the power they currently wield
with hardware vendors they really need to be disabused of that notion.
Increase the Linux install base to 10% which would put Debian's install base
about on par with Mac OSX now and you might see hardware vendors giving a
crap.  Until then Debian is doing itself no favors my being obstructionist and
driving people away based on it's own restrictive use clauses.

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