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Re: Social Contract

Steve Lamb wrote:
Mike McCarty wrote:

Johannes Wiedersich wrote:

I once couldn't read or view my old work after switching employer,
because I suddenly didn't have a licence for a certain program any
more and all work that was done with that program was more or less lost.

Umm, you never did have that license, then, and you used the software
in an unauthorized manner. In short, you used a pirate copy.

    Uh, no Mike, he was behind door number 3.  Legally using his employer's
license while employed and unable to do so once no longer employed with that

I understand the situation completely. You apparently do not.

If he created (as he said) his *own* files using those tools,
and not those of his employer, then he used a pirate copy.

I am morally certain that the EULA did not include a clause like
"You are permitted to let other people who do not have a license
use this software, for their own purposes, so long as you do not
charge them, and they also use this software for you for your own

See my other message.

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