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Re: Replacement suggestions for konsole, kate, kcalc

On Sunday 25 December 2005 5:19 pm, kamaraju kusumanchi wrote:
> Thanks Brad for the suggestion. I just hope the OP likes it as much as I 
> am liking it....

Your welcome...

The command I use to emulate konsole with white on black background is
the following all on one line: "mrxvt -stt -rv -sr -bt -geometry 1008x44 -sl 
2000 -fn 9x15 -tabfg blue -tabbg grey -itabfg black -itabbg dark

Here is an explanation of the following variables:
"-stt" synchronize  terminal title with tab title when switch to a new tab or 
      the title of the active changes
"-rv" reverse video
"-bt" show tabbar at bottom
"-geometry 1008x44" sets the size of the terminal
"-sl 2000" Scroll back 2000 lines in buffer
"-fn 9x15" Fontname
"-tabfg blue" foreground color of tabbar (ie font color)
"-tabbg grey" background color of tabbar and active tabs
"-itabfg black" foreground color of inactive tabs (ie font color)
"-itabbg dark" background color of inactive tabs

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