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Re: Replacement suggestions for konsole, kate, kcalc

On Saturday 24 December 2005 2:41 pm, Marc Shapiro wrote:
> I really like the tabs on konsole MUCH better than opening a new xterm 
> window.  Is there anything else out there that can do tabs that is not 
> tied to a huge DE?
mrxvt - lightweight multi-tabbed X terminal emulator
	Mrxvt is a multi-tabbed color vt102 terminal emulator for X Window
	 system. It features multi-tab support, fast pseudo-transparent
	 background, user supplied XPM/JPEG/PNG images for background, tinting,
	 off-focus fading, text shadow, NeXT/Rxvt/Xterm/SGI/Plain style
	 scrollbars, XIM and multi-languages (Chinese/Korea/Japanese), and
	 Mrxvt does NOT require KDE or GNOME desktop environment.
 	 URL: http://materm.sourceforge.net/

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