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Replacement suggestions for konsole, kate, kcalc

I do NOT run KDE, GNOME, or any DE. I am quite fond of my FVWM2. I do use konsole, kate and kcalc. Sometimes I startup konqueror to check compatability, or to quickly load a local HTML help file.

My problem is this. These programs spawn a slew of kdeinit processes. I have no idea what these are actually doing, but if I kill them they take the original program out with themselves. Also, every now and then I get DCOP errors that take more time than I like to track down and eliminate.

I really like the tabs on konsole MUCH better than opening a new xterm window. Is there anything else out there that can do tabs that is not tied to a huge DE?

I use kate for much the same reasons. I can have a lot of files open at the same time for editing, comparing, cutting and pasting, etc. without using up a lot of screen real estate.

As for kcalc, I don't use it nearly as much. It does what I need it to do, with a minimum of fuss. More than a single memory might be nice, though.

Konqueror is rarley used, and I don't think that I have had any problems with it and DCOP (as kate and konsole have both done to me). I guess it stays, so I have another browser to check compatibility with (in adition to mozilla, firefox and opera). It is also, by far, the most convenient to pop up from a command line to view HTML docs.

So, does anyone have any replacement suggestions?

Marc Shapiro

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