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Re: New post install tidbits?

Chinook wrote:

> With the Gnome login screen I could login as root though and I can't
> seem to find a way to allow such with the kdm login screen.  Not sure
> I need to though, because I can use the root terminal or sudo in
> terminal, and there seems to be a "File Manager - Super User Mode" to
> traverse the directories and edit a file in a GUI.

It's generally strongly recommended to not run as root except when
necessary. This goes doubly for running X as root.

You're doing the proper thing, using sudo, sux, FM-SUP, etc.

> OT: Due next month to have these old eyes laser scrubbed again.  Then
> maybe I'll be able to find more through research.
So you've had LASIK before, and you're having to do it again?

Or is this something else.

Private reply on this would prevent list clutter.



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