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New post install tidbits?

Old thread was getting a little cluttered :-)

I'm back to a KDE GUI at the desired resolutions. Thanks for all your help.

"But the picky ol fart must not be happy yet" your thinking :-)

Yep, I have the session KDE GUI the way I want it, but I get there from a Gnome login screen and I can't shutdown from such without entering the root password.

When I stepped in it before, part of the problem was probably that I was switching around between gdm/xdm/kdm/whatever so I'm reluctant to play with such. Anyway, I just need a simple login screen that is either KDE or the Xwhatever behind KDE and not a separate Gnome login, and I want to be able to select "shutdown" from such without having to enter the root password. Is that too much to ask?

Hope you-all are having a great holiday,
Lee C

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