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Re: New post install tidbits?

Kent West wrote:

>Chinook wrote:
>>Yep, I have the session KDE GUI the way I want it, but I get there
>>from a Gnome login screen and I can't shutdown from such without
>>entering the root password.
Speaking of post-install tidbits . . . here's a freebie that's
off-topic  :-)

Chinook, did you know you can run two (or more) X sessions at once?

For example, start X in whatever way you would normally start it. Now
switch to a virtual terminal, say, the second one with Ctrl-Alt-F2. Now
log in again as a different user (your wife, your alter ego, etc), and
start a second session with "startx -- :1 &".

Whereas your GUI login manager probably offers a choice of windowing
environment (KDE, Gnome, Icewm, etc), using "startx" will look to the
system default, or if you have it, to your ~/.xinitrc file. Create this
file and put in the single line containing your environment of choice
(such as "startkde" or "gnome-session" or "icewm"), and away you go.

I believe both kdm and gdm can be configured to offer GUI login screens
for each X session, but "startx" works fine for me.


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