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Re: set-up for watching video

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On Sat, 24 Dec 2005, kangja wrote:


i am trying to set-up my system to in order to be able to view video
clips online or download them for offline viewing.
my current set-up: debian 'testing' with kernel 2.6.8, kaffeine,
installed kaffeine-mozilla and w32codecs from the Millarat ftp site.
the result so far is rather confusing. It cannot handle Windows Media
and Quicktime clips. For wmv clip, the screen sometimes just blank out,
esp. if the file is >1MB. The best clip i have watched are those of dci

why don't you try mplayer and mozilla-mplayer (mplayer-plugin for mozilla)? you can use mplayer to view your quicktime and windows media clips.

mplayer-plugin works great with the mozilla based browsers for all sorts of media streams (audio and video). i use it on a regular basis when viewing movie trailers on netflix and other movies/trailers sites.

1. What more would i need to do? Or could it be the hardware? i am using
only the on-board Intel Extreme Graphics.

most likely it is a short circuit between the seat and the keyboard, not a hardware issue.

you already have the codecs installed... so you're almost there.
install mplayer (either compile from source or apt-get it from mr.
marillat's site) and then apt-get -u install mozilla-mplayer (after you install mplayer).

2. How to save a video clip for offline viewing? i tried to do it the
same way as for image i.e. right click and then 'save as..' but there
seem to be no corresponding way for video files.

how bout using wget:
wget http://the-url-to-the-media-clip

once you have it, use mplayer to view it.

mplayer will solve your quicktime viewing needs... forget about quicktime4linux (as mentioned in your other post).

hope this is of some help
good luck

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