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Re: apt-get install tries to REMOVE my kernel

On Mon, Dec 12, 2005 at 10:48:12PM -0500, Mark Fletcher wrote:
> That would be my guess too. Looks to me like xcdroast needs a newer 
> kernel than you have. I am somewhat surprised that the package would be 
> set up to conflict with the older kernel version, and even more 
> surprised that apt-get would conclude that the right thing to do would 
> be to remove it (does nothing else [apart perhaps from initrd-tools] 
> depend on the kernel image in the packaging system???)

So am I.  I can imagine a package requiring a particular version of a
kernel, but not conflicting with another in the sense that the other
should net even be *installed*.  I always thought one of the advantages
of Debian's handling of kernel packages was that you *could* have
multiple kernels installed.  I usually do this  when I upgrade,
just in case the new kernel doesn't to the job.  I also update
lilo.conf to offer a boot-time choice of kernel, so that I can
still boot.

-- hendrik

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