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Re: apt-get install tries to REMOVE my kernel

On 12/12/05, Joris Hooijberg <jorishooijberg@gmail.com> wrote:
> 2005/12/12, Michael Marsh <michael.a.marsh@gmail.com>:
> > Really?  Nothing in what Astrid posted seemed to indicate that to me.
> > The only "kernel-image" that appears is the one that's presumably
> > going to be removed.
> >
> True. but I'm sure that
>  A. Apt-get's dependency-checking is designed to check upward dependencies
> as well (i.e. when I remove Gimp , X.org will not be removed, although Gimp
> depends on X.org).

That direction doesn't seem to be relevant here.  It's trying to
remove something lower in order to install something.

>  B. there's no program at all that even can think of removing a kernel
> without replacing it or something like that.

You're assuming the program will do what it *should* do, not what's it
been *told* to do.  Clearly, apt-get thinks it should be removing the
kernel, and there's no indication that it wants to install a new

>  Maybe I'm wrong but I think the program Astrid's installing needs a newer
> kernel than the current...
>  I think the best thing is to save a copy of the kernelimage (can be found
> in the /boot directory, if not sure; backup the whole /boot directory)
> before installing.

My suggestion would be to run
# apt-get -s install xcdroast

That'll do a dry-run ("s" for "simulate"), which won't even try to
install or remove anything.  It might be that a substantial upgrade is
needed, and by blocking it with "--no-remove" apt-get has gone into a
bizarre mode.

Michael A. Marsh

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