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Re: apt-get install tries to REMOVE my kernel

On 2005-12-13, Mark Fletcher penned:
> How sure are we that this problem is related to xcdroast? Try
> installing something else, something harmless like an X-based game
> or something, to see if it tries to do the same thing. apt-get may
> just have got into a mess on your machine. I'm surprised any package
> would put a conflicts-dependency on a kernel image since there's no
> guarantee users are using a debian-packaged kernel (yes yes, heresy,
> I know, but there are plenty of heretics out there).


<- heretic

(Actually, I use the debian source, but build it without benefit of
the debian packaging tools.  I could make up an explanation, but it
comes down to "that's how I feel most comfortable doing it.")



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