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Re: apt-get install tries to REMOVE my kernel

Michael Marsh wrote:

On 12/12/05, Joris Hooijberg <jorishooijberg@gmail.com> wrote:
2005/12/12, Michael Marsh <michael.a.marsh@gmail.com>:
Really?  Nothing in what Astrid posted seemed to indicate that to me.
The only "kernel-image" that appears is the one that's presumably
going to be removed.

True. but I'm sure that

A. Apt-get's dependency-checking is designed to check upward dependencies
as well (i.e. when I remove Gimp , X.org will not be removed, although Gimp
depends on X.org).

That direction doesn't seem to be relevant here.  It's trying to
remove something lower in order to install something.

B. there's no program at all that even can think of removing a kernel
without replacing it or something like that.

You're assuming the program will do what it *should* do, not what's it
been *told* to do.  Clearly, apt-get thinks it should be removing the
kernel, and there's no indication that it wants to install a new

Maybe I'm wrong but I think the program Astrid's installing needs a newer
kernel than the current...

I think the best thing is to save a copy of the kernelimage (can be found
in the /boot directory, if not sure; backup the whole /boot directory)
before installing.

My suggestion would be to run
# apt-get -s install xcdroast

That'll do a dry-run ("s" for "simulate"), which won't even try to
install or remove anything.  It might be that a substantial upgrade is
needed, and by blocking it with "--no-remove" apt-get has gone into a
bizarre mode.

Michael A. Marsh

That would be my guess too. Looks to me like xcdroast needs a newer kernel than you have. I am somewhat surprised that the package would be set up to conflict with the older kernel version, and even more surprised that apt-get would conclude that the right thing to do would be to remove it (does nothing else [apart perhaps from initrd-tools] depend on the kernel image in the packaging system???)

Even though the documentation I could find when googling for xcdroast suggested any kernel from 2.0 up should be good, I found someone on a german debian site advising of problems with 2.4.9 which is only a few versions older than your kernel. At least I _think_ that was what it said...

How sure are we that this problem is related to xcdroast? Try installing something else, something harmless like an X-based game or something, to see if it tries to do the same thing. apt-get may just have got into a mess on your machine. I'm surprised any package would put a conflicts-dependency on a kernel image since there's no guarantee users are using a debian-packaged kernel (yes yes, heresy, I know, but there are plenty of heretics out there).

Another option would be to install aptitude and see if that has the same problem. I don't know why, but in practice aptitude often succeeds where apt-get fails.


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