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Re: Can't find php.ini, and sometimes other files too

Jared Hall wrote:

Debian Users-

I seem to have missed my php.ini file. I used phpinfo(); to find the damn thing, but when I went to the place
that phpinfo() sent me it wasn't there!
I've looked every where by hand, and then thought: "Is there some way
of using grep which will save me time and energy which I don't know
about." I've always used grep to search files and things like the
dmesg and think it's very handy, one of these days I should read the
man page on it... infact I'll go do that right now, but in the mean

by some miracle of god is there a way of using it to only search the
file system?
Is there any other way to save myself the hassle which lost files
always cause me?

Thank you

locate php.ini

For me it's in /usr/local/lib, but then I compiled php myself so...

Hope this helps


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