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Re: Overwhelmed newbie

>You could try Martin's book, The Debian System, which is highly rated, although I haven't seen it. http://debiansystem.info. >Apart from that, there's always the Debian Reference http://www.debian.org/doc, which isn't perfect, but is probably the >closest online thing that Debian has to a manual.

Hi. I am new to Debian and after some struggle I have purchased Martin's book mentioned above (http://debiansystem.info), which so far has helped me a lot. I am only in the middle of it, however, I feel a lot more confident reading this book next to my experimenting with Debian, as before when I gathered bits and pieces of information spread over the internet. I am not trying to advertise this book in particular, but I think any kind of well structured introduction to Debian is a great help to any Debian newbie, especially those coming from something like Windows.


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