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Re: Overwhelmed newbie

On fredag 16 september 2005, 21:09, Antony Gelberg wrote:
> Please reply onlist.

Errr, well, I don't consider this an important topic for the list, and 
it is also rather rude to respond to a off-list message on-list. Please 
refrain from that in the future.

> It's because if people use stable, there is no reason to get burnt.

Oh, there is plenty of reason. Stable has its issues, as any other 
complex software system.

> There is no reason to be overwhelmed by anything if the user is
> willing to learn. I understand that Debian is not geared at newbies, 
> but that doesn't mean that newbies can't use it.

Well, speaking as someone who has his parents on Debian, I can attest to 
that newbies can use a Debian system fine. I also speak as someone who 
did his first Linux install ever with Debian. Been there, done that, 
didn't get a lousy teeshirt. However, in my parents' case, it is 
because I have made most of the complex, technical choices for them, 
and in my case, it was because I was dedicated and had a good friend 
and experienced sysadmin by my side throughout the process. 

Frankly, I find that to be efficient on Debian, one should read many 
hundred pages of documentation. I'm perfectly fine with that, because I 
realized from the start that it would pay in increased productivity 
once I'm up to speed. However, one must acknowledge that this is an 
imposing task for most users. 

> Most importantly, this is _debian_-user.  If you want to advocate
> other distributions willy-nilly, it's not the place.

That kind of isolationism is something I think you will find very little 
support for in the free software community. I think most people will 
agree that we want to direct people to what is best for them.


Kjetil Kjernsmo
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