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Re: Overwhelmed newbie

Andy Streich wrote:
On Friday 16 September 2005 12:55 pm, Kjetil Kjernsmo wrote:

Most importantly, this is _debian_-user.  If you want to advocate
other distributions willy-nilly, it's not the place.

That kind of isolationism is something I think you will find very little support for in the free software community. I think most people will agree that we want to direct people to what is best for them.

I am also an overwhelmed newbie, one who could not have been using Debian for the last 9 months without the kind (and sometimes terse and abrupt) help from people on this list. It takes a remarkable amount of dedication and time to become comfortable configuring a desktop Debian system on a machine with modest resources where you can't run KDE or GNOME without a significant performance problem.

KDE and Gnome will hog resources on any distribution. I have heard that xfce is something of a compromise between bloatware and friendliness, so you may wish to try that.

The choice of window managers for a desktop systems is, to really go out on a limb, fairly important. The best advice I've gotten is that I should just start installing and trying out all the others. That's not too appealing but I accept the reality.

The best window manager is the one that gets in your way the least.

I keep staring at my Ubuntu disks and wondering if I should switch horses. Yet I can't begin to estimate the costs involved -- in terms of my time and in the quality and maintainability of the resulting system. Would a few months of using Ubuntu cause me to come running back to Debian? I have no idea.

Any pointers to useful reading material would be appreciated.

You could try Martin's book, The Debian System, which is highly rated, although I haven't seen it. http://debiansystem.info. Apart from that, there's always the Debian Reference http://www.debian.org/doc, which isn't perfect, but is probably the closest online thing that Debian has to a manual.

You could also be a little more specific in terms of actual problems that you are facing.

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