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Re: Overwhelmed newbie

Andy Streich wrote:

Would a few months of using Ubuntu cause me to come running back to Debian? I have no idea.

Yes, it would.

I started off with Libranet, but once you reach a certain point, the specific configurations, the tailored /etc/apt/sources.list files, the over abundance of applications, and various other factors steer you into Debian anyway. They're good for a look, a lot of them, and later as rescue discs, but my advice is to get onsite, read and print out what you think you'll need from the install guide, make detailed notes on your hardware details, and go ahead. Install 'desktop' through the 'tasksel' option which you'll be provided with during the installation procedure, learn how to make backups, then start to play, in that order.

There's plenty of documentation available on the web for free.
A lot of it on the Debian site, - under the link, 'documentation', strangely enough. And if you want to go a little further, some excellent books, all of which have been mentioned on the user list at one stage or another. Just do a search on 'debian books' or similar in the list archives. Another one has been mentioned just in the last couple of days.

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