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Re: Freshness of packages

On Thu, Sep 15, 2005 at 12:37:05PM +0100, antgel wrote:
> kamaraju kusumanchi wrote:

> > No they are not the same.
> Who said they are?  You can't have the penny and the bun.

The original poster had a good point.  Your dismissing it with an invalid
analogy isn't helpful.

Despite the name, many people (including me) have for years been using
"testing" as "standard for workstations" because "stable" has been so
ludicrously out-of-date as to be painful to actually use.  Given the fact
that probably a majority of Debian users use either testing or unstable on
their desktop boxes, adding the "package age tracking" feaure would seem
like a good idea to me.  At least in principle -- I can see practical
problems with it.

However, you didn't raise a real objection, you just dismissed the whole
idea with an irrelevant comaprison.
Carl Fink                                         carl@fink.to
If you attempt to fix something that isn't broken, it will be.
	-Bruce Tognazzini

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