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Re: weirdest network problems of my ilfe [SOLVED]

On 9/16/05, Cameron Matheson <cameron.matheson@fjcomm.com> wrote:
> P.S.  Yesterday i was trying to figure out why the windoze boxen would
> work when the linux boxen wouldn't (they also have as one
> of  their dns servers).  The only thing i could think of is i thought at
> one  time i had heard that windows boxen alternate which dns server they
> use every time they send out a request, whereas Linux tries to always
> use the primary.  Is that plausible?

Since you've narrowed it down to your router, you may want to see if
there's a firmware upgrade for it.
Jiann-Ming Su
"I have to decide between two equally frightening options. 
 If I wanted to do that, I'd vote." --Duckman

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