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Re: Help!

Carl Fink wrote:
> No, I'm not.  It is not necessary to read several books before installing
> Linux.  I know, I didn't do that before I first installed Slackware,
> something over ten years ago.

    Yes, it is.  When I installed Slack the first time I had been using
computers for almost a decade and had amassed that much knowledge.  Knowledge
that a new user would not had.  All I had to do was translate the terminology
that I knew to what Linux called it.  "Ok, so the first hard drive is hda, and
the first partition is hda1... cool!"  A new user would stop at partition and
say "Huh?"

    Furthermore you presume that just because one has taken the time to put
the documentation into the program that people are going to read it there.
Fat chance.  Most programs on ALL OSes now have "help" as a standard menu
option.  Most computer users never touch it.

    I repeat, you can't code away ignorance and laziness, period.

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