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Re: Help!

Bruno Buys wrote:

Errr, wasn't the real reason for the problem not having installed properly? I mean sure, if you don't install gnome, you can install it later, but I think allowing people to choose "Desktop" is easier than trying to apt-get all the packages later.

If by choosing "Desktop" Debian would install gnome, I´d be very frustrated, as I don´t use gnome. If Debian choose to install kde, certainly other gnome users would be frustrated. If Debian, democratically, decides to install both, and, to end the question for good, a bunch of other *boxes, people would start whining Debian is bloated. If Debian asks 'which one you want' during installation, people would say its very hard to install Debian, a newbie can´t have all this info...". If, finally, Debian leaves no graph. env. at all, people would say "no DM, the Debian folks have gone crazy!..".
You can´t please all the people all the time.

Yes, when you have so many options, sometimes it's hard to choose. But maybe Debian can have two choices:
* Desktop (GNOME - recommended)
* Desktop (KDE)

By selecting both, you'd get both if that's what you really wanted. Ok this is too simple, and still has the same problem of being hard to choose. Maybe there needs to be a "newbie" selection which just installs everything good for them. ;)

Actually I think this has come up on another list... that someone just needs to sit down and expand tasksel and make some nice tasks. (Isn't the debian installer using tasksel?)


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