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Re: Etch - Daily update - Netinstall - amd64

Piotr wrote:

> Hello everyone;
> Sorry for my english - it isn't perfect but I think you will understand
> the problem.
> I have downloaded 3 different netinstalls of ETCH (for amd64) and every
> time i try to install I get error : Could not find kernel image: linux.
> CD is burned properly, I have tried this Install disc on other PC - the
> same. I have tried to put linxu , linux26 etc and nothing. MAybe
> installer is broken ?
> Thanks for help...
> Cyb
Hi Piotr,
Your English is fine. I had the same experience. Save yourself a lot of
trouble. Get the Sarge amd64 netinst CD. Install the minimum to get the
system running. Then change your sources.list file from "stable" to
"testing" and aptitude update && aptitude upgrade. Then add on whatever
further packages you want. My advice would be to not install the x-system
or your desktop until after you've upgraded to etch. You'll save a lot of
time that way. You can get the etch netinst to work but it's really
complicated (you need to specify the path to vmlinuz (or something like
that) and even after that you need to do more things and I just lost
patience and did it as above.

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