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Re: Help!

Errr, wasn't the real reason for the problem not having installed properly? I mean sure, if you don't install gnome, you can install it later, but I think allowing people to choose "Desktop" is easier than trying to apt-get all the packages later.

If by choosing "Desktop" Debian would install gnome, I´d be very frustrated, as I don´t use gnome. If Debian choose to install kde, certainly other gnome users would be frustrated. If Debian, democratically, decides to install both, and, to end the question for good, a bunch of other *boxes, people would start whining Debian is bloated. If Debian asks 'which one you want' during installation, people would say its very hard to install Debian, a newbie can´t have all this info...". If, finally, Debian leaves no graph. env. at all, people would say "no DM, the Debian folks have gone crazy!..".
You can´t please all the people all the time.

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