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Compiling Kernel for Bootsplash: The Whole Seven Metres.

Before I go any further, yes, I need bootsplash: My computer is dual-boot and the other user insists on A: Using Windows and B: Shutting Down every Evening. In addition, I shall be getting a lap-top soon. (By the bye, why doesn't Debian have Bootsplash as a standard?)

I know I need to compile a kernel (which I can do with synaptic and kernel-package) and then patch it.

I do not know how.

I have skimmed through a HOWTO or three. However, they aren't quite answering my questions. So, allow me to elaborate, if you will.

Firstly, I need to get linux-source-2.6.12 from the Debian archives (with Synaptic, in my case). Do I need linux-patch-debian-2.6.12 or linux-tree-2.6.12?

Next, I need use kernel-package. How do I do this? What of menuconfig or some such thing? Must I 'do' this as well?

There is also the matter of Patching. When and how do I do this so that I will have Bootsplash? There is an entry for Sources.list, so I can acquire that which I need from the Bootsplash web-site. But, what do I need? How do I implement this?

I know that this makes me sound like a newby; well, I fairly much am. Not so much that I won't know the slightest thing that you're talking of; I'm just really concerned about screwing up me system and making it un-usable. That's the only reason I'm asking, in fact.

I'm not adverse to reading HOWTOs, as long as they answer all of the questions that I have asked: I know that some do not mention apt-get, which makes me think that they are not Debian specific; which is what I need.

I thank you most kindly in advance.

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