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Desktop document search DWWW

On Debian systems there is a packaged named "dwww"
that permits searching your installed documents via a web
browser similar to a Google search. 

I have grown so accustomed to it that I would like to have it on my
Fedora FC4 system. Or better yet, have the dwww package on the Debian
system include Fedora documentation in the document index. 

I have tried exporting the Fedora /usr/share directory where the system
documentation resides, and then mounting that share from the Debian box
hoping that DWWW would include Fedora documentation in the index DWWW
builds. I don't think it worked.  

Is DWWW prohibited from including documents in the index that do not
reside on the local filesystem?

What do I need to do to get DWWW to include documents on remote systems?

I don't want to simply copy Fedora documents to the Debian system
because it is DWWW's search/indexing function I want to utilize, and
would like DWWW to search my home network. 


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