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Re: exim4, sa-exim, clamav

On (20/07/05 09:48), Chris Bannister wrote:
> Don't you have to be online 24/7 to "(reject spam at SMTP time)"?
> I see that you Clive have an address which shows you have your own
> domain whereas Steve has a yahoo account.
Well I'll declare now that I'm pretty new to doing this and so don't
profess to be in any way expert.

I'm am online 24/7 but the process (as I understand it) by which mail is
collected (fetchmail) is via smtp.  The fact that the mail is rejected
presumably is reflected back to the sender via your ISP.  With sa-exim,
a temporary or permanent (score dependent) rejection message is sent
back to the sender.  So whether you are connected 24/7 or not, shouldn't
alter this process.

> I use pon + fetchmail to get my mail from a pop3 server at my isp every
> couple of days, isn't it to late to reject then?
AFAICT it shouldn't have any affect although I have noticed a problem
with processing messages > 2days old if I try to process them manually.

> Am I misunderstanding something? I would like to (reject spam at SMTP
> time) also. I will read the doc's you posted links to Clive.

We're in the process of getting my install/configuration notes up on a
new website but meantime I'll put them up at the back of our existing
site somewhere tonight and post the link.



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