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Re: exim4, sa-exim, clamav

On (17/07/05 19:33), Steve Å wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 17, 2005 at 11:59:05PM +0100 or thereabouts, Clive Menzies wrote:
> Yes, I had all that enabled. I was thinking about this last evening,
> and decided
> what I was trying to do (reject spam at SMTP time), was quite brain dead.

No. It's not ;)  I'm doing it here using that reference I posted and it
works really well.  Many others on the list could confirm that it works.
> What I mean, is that since I use a smarthost, and fetch e-mail with fetchmail,
> doing it with SMTP is rather silly. It's my understanding that perhaps it is
> appropriate more so for SMTP servers receiving and sending directly ? 

My setup is almost identical.  I installed exim4, sa-exim and clamav
originally on my workstation but have recently set up a mailserver as
per the notes I posted.  I've added greylistd and razor to the mix and
the volume of garbage I (and other users) receive has fallen markedly.

I've setup up the same for a client with similar results.

> So, I've decided to enable Spamassassin filtering with procmail.

I tried using procmail a long time ago and could never to get it to work
as expected; my inexperience, no doubt ;)

> I'm new to SA (I previously used Sarge's Spamprobe). I'm just about to figure
> out what's the differences between spamd, spamc, and running spamassassin.

It does take some understanding, how all these components work together
but I have to say, my understanding is limited but in spite of this, it

> Thanks for your assistance -- This was a learning experience.

You're welcome ;)



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