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[OT] Re: Top posting (a different point of view)

Tom Waits.

On Thu, Jun 09, 2005 at 06:22:27PM -0500, John Carline wrote:

> What a crock of snobbish BS!
>  snobbish
>      adj : befitting or characteristic of those who inclined to social
>            exclusiveness and who rebuff the advances of people
>            considered inferior [syn: {clannish}, {cliquish},
>            {clubby}, {snobby}]
> Personally, I don't care where an individual posts. But, it would make 
> my reading/following of threads much easier if I didn't  have to scroll 
> down to the bottom of post after post in a long string just to read the 
> one line added to the 200 I've already read.

So use the tab key (or whatever the equivalent is in your client for
skipping quoted text). You could also encourage people to delete
irrelevant quoted text when replying.

Unlike vi v. emacs or KDE v. Gnome, there's actually an RFC about this
one. It's a dead issue. If you don't conform, people will be less
liekly to reply to you.

Which artist recorded _Swordfishtrombones_?

PJR :-)

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